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nella_fragola in daily_ala_mode

Sort of casual! ♥

What I am wearing (inspired a lot by lolita everyday ♥):

Bolero: H&M
Dress: Milk
Shoes: vivienne westwood and melyssa
earlings: Baby, the stars shine brigt

Thanks for looking ♥

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I'm happy to see someone else post here...the community has been a bit slow lately!

Your outfit and makeup is really cute!
It looks like it would be a great outfit to wear on a date or to a dinner party!
The color coordination came out great!
Thank you!
I was inspired by 40s and 50s!
I will try to post more often, i wear so many time lolita in a "unconventional way"! ♥
Has anyone ever told you that you look like Melanie Lynskey? She acted in this Cinderella movie that was originally black and white as a stepsister, but her character was good in the end. I'm sure she's acted in other things, you just remind me of her in that movie. ^_^
It's called Ever After: A Cinderella Story. It's a good movie if you're interested in watching it, but hard to find.
I know this movie and I love it! I don't really think I am look like her, but it make me happy because I think she is really cut!
But I saw it once at TV and never found a dvd!
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